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Cremations in Kansas City

When you select a cremation center near me, you understandably want that center to provide you with all relevant services. We offer numerous packages for cremation in Kansas City to meet our clients’ varied needs. Whether you want a basic cremation service or you need special assistance with other relevant details, such as the preparation of a cremation obituary, we can help. We can coordinate with funeral homes in Kansas City and assist you in other ways to take details off of your hands and let you focus on being with family and friends at this time. With our can-do attitude, we can lower your stress level as we assist with final arrangements. 

Convenient Planning Around Your Schedule 
Regardless of whether you are searching for funeral homes in Kansas City, coordinating with relatives traveling in from out of town or dealing with other matters, we know how stressful this time in your life can be. We also know that these logistical factors must be dealt with at a time when you may be reeling emotional because of the loss. As important as it is for you to selection a cremation service provider and make these arrangements, it can be challenging to do so. We are available to meet with you about cremation in Kansas City around your business schedule and can even visit you at your home as desired. We want to make this experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you. 


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The Only Flat Fee Direct Cremation in Kansas City

$ 895
  • In-Person Arrangements
  • 2 Death Certificates
  • Temporary Urn (Plastic)
  • Refrigeration & Transportation Fees
  • Same Business-Day Cremations
  • Always $895 - No Additional Charges

One Last Goodbye

$ 2495
  • Embalming & Preparation
  • Dressing & Cosmetic Work
  • Rental Casket & Insert (Tax Included)
  • Cremation Following the Service (All Fees Included)
  • Temporary Urn (Plastic) and 2 Death Certificates
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