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The Simple Cremation

Online Direct Cremation Package
*Pre-Arrangements are not eligible for online arrangements*
$ 895
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death and transportation to our facility
  • Care & up to ten calendar days climate-controlled sheltering of the remains
  • Basic minimum cremation container (cardboard) and temporary urn (black plastic)
  • Cremation service charge and any permits required
  • Professional services charge
  • Social Security Administration notification
  • Preparation and filing of original death certificate
  • One Death Certificate Certified Copy
  • Telephone/Virtual Arrangements ONLY

The loss of a loved one is often and understandably an emotional experience, and honoring the final wishes of the deceased takes precedence at this important time. Cremation in Kansas City is increasingly preferred as an end-of-life wish, and our compassionate team at Complete Cremation Kansas City can help you to honor your loved one in a dignified manner. 

We know that many families feel financial strain when dealing with the loss of a loved one, and we believe that you should not have to scale back or avoid honoring your loved one because of expensive end-of-life services. We provide services for cheap cremation in Kansas City while maintaining the highest qualify of customer service standards and focusing on treating each client with respect. When you are searching for a reputable Kansas City cremation center near me, we are the professionals that you can count on to meet the deceased’s wishes while also taking into account family traditions and desires as well as your budget. 

Understanding Cremation Services in Kansas City
While cremation in Kansas is increasingly common, it remains an end-of-life option that is not well-understood. Many people continue to have numerous questions about the process and experience. Cremation is an alternative to a traditional burial that may be more affordable in many cases. When you reach out to us as your preferred cremation center near me, you can receive personalized assistance from our respectful team throughout all stages of the planning process and service. Rest assured that we will take the time to answer your questions about cremation in Kansas City so that you can feel confident in your decision to use our services. 

At Complete Cremation Kansas City, we provide several packages for cheap cremation in Kansas City to meet our clients’ various needs and wishes. Our packages provide families with the ability to honor their loved one’s final wishes in a way that is affordable for their budget. Keep in mind that cremation services can be used in conjunction with memorial services at any funeral homes in Kansas City or beyond. With this in mind, cremation may be a cost-effective end-of-life option regardless of what your specific memorial service wishes are. We are available to tell you more about our cremation service packages when you reach out to our courteous and knowledgeable team for assistance today. 

Learning About Cremation Services from Complete Cremation Kansas City
Complete Cremation Kansas City is one of several service providers offering assistance with cremation in Kansas, and we are committed to the goal of being your leading choice. In addition to offering our clients several affordable cremation packages to choose from, we also maintain an excellent selection of related services and products. We also offer an excellent selection of quality keepsakes for safeguarding memories and containers that are essential for memorial services. These products should be as personalized and fitting for the individual as possible, and our large selection ensures that you do not feel limited as you make your selection. 

We understand that the loss of a loved one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Making final decisions related to cremation and memorial services can be challenging, but rest assured that we are here to help. We can work directly with funeral homes in Kansas City to facilitate the process and to ease your mind during this difficult time. Our helpful and supportive team will carefully review all of the cremation services and packages available so that you can make a decision that is ideal for your loved one and for the family. 

Each member of our team has been carefully selected based on their desire to provide respectful and compassionate service to our clients. You can feel confident that your loved one will receive the dignity that he or she deserves when you entrust us with this important service. 

Planning A Dignified Service 
Cremation in Kansas is used as an alternative to a traditional burial with a casket. It may commonly be associated with a smaller memorial service or even a private service with only a few friends and family in attendance. However, cremation is also an option for a much larger service or an elaborate celebration of life. Cremation may be completed before a memorial service or after the memorial event takes place. Ashes may be retained by the family in special memorial containers, dispersed according to the deceased’s wishes or even safeguarded in a final resting place, such as in a cemetery. With cremation, the experience can be personalized according to your specifications or your loved one’s last wishes. 

We understand that many families need assistance with the fine details associated with preparing for cremation and planning a dignified service. While funeral services generally take place in a place of worship or a funeral home, the location for the service or memorial may be as unique as the individual whose life is being honored. By speaking with our team at Complete Cremation Kansas City, you can explore the options in detail as we help you to plan a dignified service that provides closure to your loved one’s family and friends. We can also assist with the location of funeral homes in Kansas City or other similar venues for the service. 

Preparing a Cremation in Kansas City
The preparation of a thoughtful obituary is an important step in the service-planning process. When you create an obituary for your loved one, you will provide factual details that others need to know. This may include where and when the service will be held and if the family has any special wishes. For example, some families prefer flowers to be sent to the home, and others prefer charitable donations to be made in lieu of flowers. 

In addition to featuring these details, a cremation obituary is a written celebration of the deceased’s life. It details surviving family members and the legacy that the individual has left behind. It may talk about specific professional, community or military accomplishments that the individual achieved. Special interests, compassionate acts, significant awards and other notable facts may be described in detail as well. 

Obituaries are traditionally published in a community newspaper, and they are also now published online. With an online obituary, the family may choose to allow others to leave comments and to share their own memories with others. This is a special way to include extended family, friends, neighbors and others in the celebration and memorial of deceased. 

We understand that it can be just as challenging to find the words to use in an obituary as it is to make memorial service decisions, to pick out an urn or to make other essential plans. Grief can make decision-making difficult, and our respectful professionals are available to support you throughout the aspects of the cremation and service plans

Contacting Our Team to Begin Planning for Your Loved One’s Service 
As you search for a cremation center near me, turn to Complete Cremation & Funeral Service in Kansas City for this important service. We provide you with all of the support, services and products that are needed to honor the final wishes of your loved one. More so, we maintain affordable pricing so that you can create the service or memorial desired without financial concern. We even offer flexible payment options like credit cards and no-interest financing.

Our reputable and compassionate staff members are available to help you explore the options in detail and to provide customized assistance as needed for your unique needs. Contact our team today to inquire about our packages and to begin preparing for cremation service for your loved one.

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